Quality SEO 

We have over 10 years experience implementing white hat SEO

We are committed to using the very best search engine optimisation methods

Our consultation is always in sync with your strategy

We use a blended approach of using technical SEO, high quality content marketing and also offsite SEO to help improve your companies search engine optimisation, so that your business ranks higher on Google.

Welcome to Biosphere Digital Marketing

We are search engine optimisation (SEO) specialists.

Technical SEO

We can help to improve your businesses technical SEO. We will make sure that your website can be crawled and indexed by Googlebot. We can make your company website faster, we can also fix any “404 page errors” for example.

Content Marketing

Content marketing can be added to help improve how many shoppers find your company website. We can  increase the number of organic visitors that your website receives.

Web Design

We can also offer web design services, perhaps your company website needs redesigning, then our marketing agency can help. Whether it’s just to redesign a mobile version of your website, or to build an entire new e-commerce website for you we can help.

Business planning, strategy and execution

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Get solutions from first class consultants

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Best solutions

Why choose Biosphere as your SEO company?

We simply have SEO consultants that have in excess of 10 years experience optimising many different company websites in a diverse range of different business sectors.

We have experience of working for businesses that operate in the legal sectors, automotive sector as well as working for large retailers.

  • When you hire Biosphere, you be can rest assured that we will only use the very best white hat search engine optimisation (SEO) methods.

  • With a highly experienced team of marketing consultants, we will be able to optimise any website for any business.

  • We use content marketing, technical SEO and link building to improve our clients search engine optimisation.

Best solutions

We just make things simple

We have clients that have been investing with us for 10 years.

We are able to retain our clients for long periods of time, that’s because we work closely with businesses across the U.K to deliver winning results.

SEO takes time, it is most defintely a marathon not a sprint, our clients understand this. Our clients know we we will work hard to obtain winning results on their behalf.

We are SEO experts- we have over 10+ years experience

Strategic marketing
eCommerce development
Organic SEO 100%
Local SEO 100%
Financial guidance
Content Marketing 100%
Best solutions

Let’s work on your project together

White Hat Search Engine Optimisation

Our digital marketing agency is different from many other agencies here in the U.K, thats because of our highly skilled our team is.

We have SEO consultants that have over 10 years experience, we therefore have worked with many businesses during this time to ensure that those companies rank higher on Google, and higher on other search engines.

This means our clients over time have obtained more organic visitors via Google.

Using both Google Analytics and Google Search Console our clients can see the amount of shoppers vistiting their website increase as our agency works hard to improve their organic SEO.

We only use proven white hat methods, such as improving a companies onsite seo, technical seo, link building, content marketing, citation building, we can also optimise our clients Google My Business listings and our agency can offer your business much more as well.

How we can help our clients

We can offer our clients the following:


The majority of our clients work with us on rolling fixed-price rolling monthly retainer’s. We can help improve your businesses SEO , by implementing high quality white hat work every single month. Please note, that SEO regardless of which agency you do hire, it’s a long-term process.



Highly experienced

We specialise in a “white hat organic search engine optimisation, which basically means that we can work with you to help your business to rank higher on search engines such as Google.co.uk and Google.com



SEO consultants

Our SEO team has over 10 years knowledge helping businesses which are based mostly in Cardiff South Wales to obtain more visitors. We also work with businesses which are based right across the United Kingdom. We work with businesses in the retail sectors, legal sectors as well as the automotive business sector.



Business resources

Great business resources from industry leaders