Unravelling the importance of content marketing in SEO


Search engine optimisation (SEO) is used by many businesses here in Cardiff to generate more sales. For example it doesn’t matter if you run a coffee shop or your online retailer of running trainers and you retail over thousand different products. It’s likely that you going to need the help of a digital marketing agency, such as biosphere, to help you to generate more sales.

Our highly skilled, and highly trained seo consultants, can help to improve your businesses online visibility. And here at this agency we believe The lifeblood of any effective SEO strategy is creating high-quality, engaging content marketing. This means creating evergreen content marketing, YouTube videos, blog posts, main pages, infographics, and also email advertising. This comprehensive guide will delve into the significance of content marketing in organic SEO, highlighting its essential aspects and providing practical tips to create captivating, fact-based content marketing that boosts your website’s ranking.

Discover the impact of content marketing on SEO, and learn how to harness its power to reach your target audience and achieve online success.

Content marketing and SEO: A Powerful Duo


The connection between content and SEO is undeniable; we think that without high-quality blog posts for example, we think it’s very hard, if not impossible to get a business onto the first page. High-quality content marketing contributes to higher search engine rankings, but we have to make clear, that whether it’s blog posts, evergreen content marketing or YouTube videos, your content marketing always needs to be white hat if you wanted to improve your businesses search engine optimisation.

According to Search Engine Journal, 57% of marketing executives believe that on-page content marketing development is the most effective SEO tactic. This is why whether you’re on a solicitor’s website in London, or you’re purchasing let’s say a new suit online, often the business will have a blog section, and often they have been adding content marketing for years.

To write this content marketing, and he created takes hundreds of hours worth of work, often copywriters are needed, as well as graphic designers and web designers, so there is a huge amount of money invested by businesses into content marketing and the reason for this is simple.

The reason is the content marketing, is so effective, is simply because it helps shoppers find answers to questions they may have, and then when they are on your website is much easier to sell a product or a service to the.

Let’s give you an example let’s say that your business sells fridge freezers for example, and’s a lot of people at the moment are concerned over their energy bills so they are looking to buy appliances which are much more energy efficient.

So what you could do a is work with your seo agency and you could create a blog post, which ranks your 10 most efficient fridge freezers.

Now your online marketing agency, could writing the meta title or the meta description for example something like, our 10 most energy efficient fridge freezers for under £700.

Now for somebody who is looking for a new fridge freezer that energy-efficient, they will see that meta title and meta description and want to click on it. Then when they are reading about your energy efficient fridge freezers, they might click through to view more information on a product, and then buy it from you.

So by offering useful information to your customers, what you are doing is helping your customers find the product or services they want, and you offering them useful information so they are buying a product or service that exactly meets their needs.

For example opposed to this, might be a business which just simply retails 700 different fridge freezers, but doesn’t writing content marketing, and doesn’t allow the customer to sort all of those fridge freezers by how energy-efficient they are. This simply means that the customer might have a lot of choice in terms of fridge freezers to pick from, but they will know which ones are energy-efficient, so the company the right to the blog post, which explains their most energy efficient fridge freezers, is helping the customer, by helping the customer you might obtain more sales .


Focusing on Relevance and Quality


In the world of SEO, we think that content is still king. However for it to help improve your businesses search engine optimisation, you need to hire a really good online marketing agency here in Cardiff. We have over 10 years experience writing and creating content marketing, building backlinks and designing websites and we work with businesses of all sizes.

We can create High-quality, relevant content is essential for both attracting and retaining website visitors. Also we can help your business to reduce its bounce rate. A study by HubSpot revealed that businesses that prioritise content marketing efforts see 13x more positive ROI compared to those that don’t (source). Additionally, incorporating useful facts, such as those from reputable sources like the Content Marketing Institute or Forbes, can boost credibility and reader engagement.


Utilising keywords strategically


The proper use of keywords in your content marketing can improve your website’s visibility and search rankings. According to Ahrefs, long-tail keywords account for 70% of all web searches, making them a valuable component of any content marketing strategy (source). However, keyword stuffing should be avoided, as Google’s algorithms can penalize websites for overusing keywords.


User Experience


Creating readable, user-friendly content marketing is paramount for organic SEO success. According to a study by Nielsen Norman Group, users spend an average of 5.59 seconds looking at a website’s written content, that’s before deciding whether to stay or leave (source). And when you talk to any good marketing company in Cardiff, they will tell you that, it’s important to reduce your bounce rate not just on your homepage and main pages, but that every blog post and for every page on your website you should aim to reduce your bounce rate as much as possible. Therefore, ensuring your content marketing is well-structured, engaging, and accessible can significantly impact user experience and search rankings.


New blog posts


To maintain and improve search rankings, our marketing agency would say that it’s very important to add blog posts on a regular basis. How often? Well this does depend on your business sector, for example if your direct competitors are adding a blog post once a week, then you might wish to consider adding the same amount, if your competitors are adding once a month then you might want to add once a month as well. However it’s not just about how many blog post you add, the work needs to be really high quality, so a really good blog post shouldn’t be completed in say 30 minutes, often you need to spend let’s say seven hours or more creating.

Obviously if you know inside out what you are writing about, then you can do it much more quickly, however if you’re writing about something that you haven’t got much knowledge on, then you do need to work with experts to make sure that there knowledge is put into the article. So for example you might be running a leading solicitors practice in London, and you might specialise in employment law, but you need to write a article about family law, therefore you should work with family lawyers to create the article, because you need expert knowledge from the family lawyers in the blog posts, if you don’t do this and it’s likely that the work is not going to be that useful to the reader.

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