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If your business has just started work on improving its search engine optimisation, you might not know what a Screaming Frog is. Well, it’s actually a brilliant SEO tool, it’s brilliant at helping businesses to enhance their SEO.

So, what exactly is Screaming Frog?

Screaming Frog is an SEO tool that comes either as a free or premium version. Most agencies nationwide will use the paid version, and it’s brilliant at crawling a website and helping you find various on-site SEO issues, such as broken links.
For example, the tool can be used to find “404 errors” which could damage your business SEO. Therefore, these can be flagged by using Screaming Frog, then your web designer can fix the broken link.

So what exactly is Screaming Frog used for?

Well, Screaming Frog can flag bad redirects, broken links, duplicate pages, or perhaps missing metadata, such as a meta title missing on the page.

For example, by simply rewriting or simply adding meta titles and meta descriptions, as most good seoo consultants worth their salt will tell you, this can sometimes improve your business’s CTR.

If the click-through rate is actually improved, well, then this might even help your business sell many more products.


There could be a problem with no index code that’s been added on the page; this could stop Googlebot from crawling and indexing that page.


Some agencies also use other various seo tools, such as Ahrefs, Moz and this is to check for example that the anchor text is written correctly. These tools can also flag other onsite SEO issues.

For example, if the anchor text is over-optimised, then this could be causing problems for your business’s organic SEO. It could, therefore, be an over-optimisation issue, which means you could receive a link penalty (Google Penguin) if all of the anchor text that’s written are indeed, exact keywords that you want to improve the SEO for. This could be an over optimisation issue, resulting in the business incurring a link penalty. Do, make sure when building links, you use white hat methods.

404-page errors

Some businesses, for example, e-commerce shops, that potentially sell thousands of different products can sometimes incur a lot of 404-page errors.

This can cause problems with the businesses seo because if someone is shopping to buy products, for example, a nice hat, and they click on the link to purchase a baseball cap, instead they may see a “404 page not found error”. This is likely to lead to many disgruntled shoppers because they might have read the meta title and the meta description, and instead of being shown a product, the product that is displayed is a page not found page, and not the nice base ball cap they had wanted to buy.

Therefore, it’s up to the web designers, as well as also the seo consultants, to minimise 404-page errors; one way to fix this, but it’s not the only way to to add redirects.

Some companies and marketing agencies use 301 redirects to fix this problem. However, if you add redirects to a page, then this should be done by an expert seo consultant one who knows what they are doing.

Content marketing audits

Sometimes, various companies use seo tools, to see how fast a website is and also to test the mobile functionality of the website works correctly. Seo tools can also be used to flag whether schema is added to a page as well.

XML sitemap

A good quality seo tool will tell you there’s an XML site map in place or not. If theres not, this might need to be added, as it can speed up the indexation of each new page or blog post that’s added.

Some content management systems have an XML site map built into it, that automatically updates as new blog posts or pages are added.

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