A straightforward answer to this question would be a resounding yes, however the reviews have to be earned and never bought.

And also, is not as simple as say gaining 10 business reviews, and then your business suddenly appears on the first page of Google.

As any good digital marketing agency will tell you, there are well over 200 various different factors which Google, takes into account, when trying to work out where to rank your business in Google’s results.

So sure, having really good Google reviews on Google My Business to help your business in various ways, let’s have a look at how having good five-star Google reviews can help your business.



so, this is not so much to do with search engine optimisation, is more to do with how shoppers feel about your business.

That’s the say whether the shopping around for a solicitor or a dentist, if they see over 100 positive reviews on Google My Business, then this is instantly going to draw their attention to your business.

There might be other businesses which are based closer to where they live, but they might not have any reviews or just let’s say less than 10.

Your business might stand head and shoulders above the rest because you have so many positive Google My Business reviews, your business is more trusted.

So a good marketing agency, will tell you that having a lot of positive business reviews, can help to improve your CTR, for those that don’t know what CTR means this simply means click through rate.

So if your business appears on Google My Business or on Google organic results, and a featured snippet says that you have one hundred positive reviews, then this is likely to improve your businesses CTR, which again means click through rate.



Let’s say that you run a web design business, a web design business is likely to want to appear to be based in a main capital city, when in a matter of fact it could be on the other side of the world.

So, if you do have let’s say hundreds of positive reviews, on Google My Business, Google’s is very clever as lowering if these reviews are genuine, and if they are genuine if you have let’s say 1000 positive reviews, and all of these people have Google accounts, and they all if let’s say in Cardiff, and that’s a really good indicator that your business is in Cardiff as well.

So therefore offers validation to thousands of people in Cardiff, have left business reviews on your businesses Google My Business account, this is a really good signal to Google that your business is where you say it is in Cardiff.


Can help to improve your local seo

Having a lot of positive reviews left on your Google My Business account, can really help to improve your businesses local seo..

For example, let’s say that you run a local butchers, and in your city there are 10 local butchers, your business consistently appears in the Google My Business results, and that might be because you have earned a lot of positive reviews from your customers.


 So, do we think that having a lot of positive Google My Business reviews is still important, when trying to improve a company’s seo?

Most definitely would be the answer to that question, as long as the reviews are genuine, in that the business doesn’t buy fake reviews, then real reviews from your customers can really help to improve your businesses organic and also local seo.


Do you run a business here in Wales?

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