Within this article, we will talk about

  1. We shall explain how each part of Google’s E-EAT, such as expertise, experience, authority and trust works.
  2. We shall explain why each part is now such an essential part of SEO
  3. We shall explain how each can help you to rank higher in the search engines, such as Google if your content marketing has a high EEAT score.


We shall explain how we think this is now integrated into the algorithm.

So, what is E-EAT?

So, in essence, E-EAT stands for expertise, experience, authority and trustworthiness. In a nutshell, this needs to be incorporated and put as each part of your businesses content marketing that you write. So, whether it’s a blog post, the main page, or a piece of evergreen content marketing that your creating, this needs to be incorporated into how you create and write the work.


Google’s Search Quality Evaluators

So, when we think of how Google works, in terms of the mechanics of Google’s algorithm, we are likely to think of an algorithm. You might also think of Google’s colossal data centre that is busy working away processing calculations. This is all true; this is how algorithms work; they are complicated mathematical formulas that are now combined with artificial intelligence (Google RankBrain).

Yet, simultaneously, it needs to be human input at the start to direct the algorithms and design them so that they work correctly.
The people that do this work are called “Search Quality Evaluators”. This is where the algorithm gets designed or improved, where people manually evaluate a company’s website. This is where Google designs its algorithms, before rolling out a core algorthim update.


This is most likely done thousands upon thousands upon thousands of times over. To make sure that Search Quality Evaluators have a good formula for working out which businesses have strong SEO and which companies don’t.

What you get in a nutshell is like a tick box, a style list of things to tick, as part of the website’s SEO evaluation. This then needs to be rolled out and integrated into the core part of Google’s algorithm.

So, we are talking about the Google EEAT update today, which obviously started with many Search Quality Evaluators manually doing this work before they integrated EEAT as part of Google’s algorithm.


When did Google start using the EEAT algorithm update?

So, we believe that E-EAT first appeared in Google’s Search Quality Guidelines back in 2014, which is a considerable time ago.
However, how Google work on constantly improving its algorthim, it will have perfected and worked on improving its algorithm over time. So, the first version back in 2014 of EAT has most likely been expanded upon. And at a much later date, “Experience” was added to this so that it now becomes E-EAT.


EEAT Guidelines

So, let’s break those guidelines down into each component part:

When reading a piece of content marketing, you can tell when somebody knows what they’re talking about- if there an expert or not. And when writing your content marketing, you must make sure that it shows you have a huge amount of expertise of your business.

You might think this is obvious advice, but it is not because so many companies hire digital marketing agencies to write content marketing every week. Yet the content marketing might not be that good or well written.

Now you do have to put themselves in the shoes of the copywriters at these various SEO agencies in the U.K. Sometimes, they might be tasked with writing, let’s say, 5000 words a day, and that’s not just the one company often.

Often the copywriter will be working for various clients to improve their SEO. What happens sometimes, because the copywriters have to work for so many different customers, is that you end up having a bit of vague work, quickly researched and put together, which is not good for your businesses seo.

So, in a nutshell, you want to have expertise in what you are writing about now, referring this back to having a marketing agency, there not likely to have someone in there that has expertise in every single business sector.

It is somewhat impossible. A copywriter might write work for a law practice one morning, and then in the afternoon, they might be working for an ice cream company. But what does need to happen is the copywriter needs to talk to an expert within the client’s business to gain their perspective and incorporate this into the work.

Then, you also need to gain the expert’s perspective and put some direct quotations into the work sometimes, so, for example, you might say Karen Jones thinks this. Karen Jones has worked in this business sector for ten years for example.
Then, you could link back to their LinkedIn profile, showing that they have real-life expertise in what they are discussing.



So, as the old saying goes, you don’t just need to just talk the talk; you need to walk the walk.
So, what do we mean by this? You must have experience with what you’re talking about; when writing the content marketing, whether this involves working with an expert on the subject then writing the work.



So, to demonstrate this could add a link to the writer’s LinkedIn profile.
But more than that, we think it’s about backlinks; if you have a lot of high-quality backlinks coming from well-known brands, but this is an excellent endorsement of the work, it shows that the work is good quality, and that the writer is somebody that knows what they’re talking about and that’s what the work is worth linking to.



This, we believe, comes down to a mixture of different factors. We think that Google’s Search Quality Evaluators are looking for good positive business reviews, and we believe also back links.


Quality is key

What we would recommend is instead of trying to write say four pieces of content marketing every month, why not condense that down to just writing one piece of content marketing that is superb quality.

Our advice is therefore to just aim to offer the best quality advice you possibly can.


How our SEO agency can help

We are a well-known SEO company in Cardiff. We work with many customers in this city and right across the country.
We offer top-quality SEO services. We are always honest with our clients; we always say the organic SEO, takes a great deal of time before you start to see results. But it is a bit like planting a oak tree; if you begin to plant that tree now, then mighty oak tree will grow.

It might take over six months (sometimes much longer) to start seeing tangible results from organic SEO. Still, once our clients start to see the flow of new customers coming into the company, they often don’t stop investing for a very long period of time.
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