How much does Google SEO cost?


So, Google SEO- what is it, well, basically it’s a process, it’s a process that SEO companies like ours go through to optimise a companies website, each agency has its own methods of doing this. Is it a fast process?

Most definitely not, if you want results in a blink of eye, in terms of getting your company on page one of Google-then you need Google Adwords, but if you want to rank “organically” so in the main body of the results, the 10 businesses which are listed, or if you have infinite scroll switched on, you still want be in the first 10 results, then you will often need the help of a highly skilled, seo agency, and that’s where we come in.


How much does this SEO cost?

Well, its like this, if done right, and that’s a big “if”- some companies just make a complete mess of it, and do SEO completely the wrong way, well that’s a sure fire way of getting a penalty. Get it right, and it can be truly transformative for some businesses, and when we say transformative, we mean the flood gates can open in terms of sales, so what’s a good seo consultant worth- well their weight in gold.

From our experience, and we have extensive experience working with businesses in the U.K to improve their seo, we would say local seo can range anywhere from £500 a month, depending on how competitive the business sector is, to £7,000.00 a month.

And for say a solicitor’s practice, which wants to increase the number of clients every month, seo can still be a considered a minor expense, considering how many new clients can be brought through the door, if its done right, and again we can’t over emphasise that word “if” again, as some seo agencies simply cut the mustard, and some don’t.


Find an seo company you want to work with

This sounds really lame advice, right? Find a seo agency you want to work with, that’s common sense, right?

Well, not really, as here’s what can happen, you can call a search engine optimisation business, and they have some slick sales staff, friendly, know seo inside out, and their very persuasive, yet, then later once you’ve signed a 12-month contract, you get assigned an “account coordinator” which you may wonder, when on the phone to them, if they even know what the abbreviation seo actually stands for.


So, what you need to do, is meet the person or team, who will be managing your account, see if they are the type of person you can get along with over the long run. Because that’s the thing, with search engine optimisation, you need to invest for a long time to see results, for example, for local seo, we tell new clients, you need to give it at least 6 months before you can start to see results.


 So can a business do SEO inhouse and not need an SEO agency?

Most definitely, there are so many companies throughout the United Kingdom that have an inhouse team of search engine optimisation consultants. That’s to say, rather than hiring an seo company, like our company, instead they may have a team of content writers, link builders, and also technical seo specialists in house.

You often find an inhouse search engine optimisation team, often in large companies, lets say a large car insurance company will often have a inhouse marketing team.

However, with that said, even large companies, that have an seo team inhouse, they often hire an  search engine optimisation agency as well.

Why would an inhouse seo team, need the help of an external seo agency?

Some companies, they may have an seo team inhouse, but still want an seo agency to help on certain aspects of the seo, or to help guide the marketing strategy. So for example, lets say a business wants to get to top of Google for “motor cycle insurance”- so a digital marketing agency, like our business may be asked to help to improve the businesses marketing using in the following ways:

Help the business to build more backlinks

Sometimes a business will need a lot more “do-follow” and also “no-follow” backlinks, in some business sectors, for a business to get onto page 1 of Google, well sometimes they will need thousands of quality backlinks- and are quality backlinks easy to obtain- most definitely not.

You have to earn good quality backlinks, so lets give you an example, lets say your business specialises in selling motor oil, but not just any motor oil, high performance motor oil, for use in cars on track days. So your business may write a series of articles, on how to change the oil on lets say Porsche cars, and you might get thousand of links, from Porsche blogs and websites around the world, because, the articles you have written, well they might be superb quality.

So, the point we are trying to make is this, in order to obtain high quality backlinks that lead to your company website, you often have to give away free information, that’s to get other businesses / websites to link to you. And creating articles, YouTube videos, evergreen content marketing, well that takes up huge amounts of time, and that’s why many companies hire seo agencies to do this work.


To help to create content marketing for the business

So, to write say 3,000 plus words, that are well written, that’s going take up a huge amount of time, right? And for some companies, they will need to publish blog posts, say at least once a week, and the work has to be top quality, so this is why again, search engine optimisation companies, like our company, this is often why their hired. As we have copy writers, who can write the content marketing, and it will be simply top quality, as our copywriters, they have been writing content marketing for over 10 years.

Help to improve the onsite seo

So, theres often so much work to do, to improve a businesses onsite seo, there’s meta titles and meta descriptions to write, theres alt text, content marketing to write, so much work, and that’s why sometimes, a company will just hire us to improve the onsite search engine optimisation.



So how much does seo actually cost?

Well, this does depend on a number of different factors, such as:

The level of competition your business is up against

So, if your business is up against stiff competition, so your in one of the most competitive business sectors there is, well seo becomes harder, much harder. By harder, we mean the amount of work that needs to be completed, is just a lot more, so the monthly quote, well, it would need to reflect that.

So, the price for us to complete work for a solicitors practice compared to say a low competition business sector, lets say a florist, well they are worlds apart in terms of competition.

The florist, well, they might need very little work per month, so this work could be completed by some search engine optimisation companies for as little as two hundred a month.

Well, on the other hand, a solicitors practice, offering many different services, such as employment law advice, family law advice, and lets say also helping to settle disagreements between businesses, well the seo for that solicitors practice, that’s going need a lot of work, we as an seo agency would have a starting price here of at least £3k per month.

So this should give you a good idea of how wildly  search engine optimisation prices can differ so much, from a few hundred per month, to sometimes in excess of 7k easily for say seo for a car insurance business.

Would you like a quote? Why not call or email us today, we will get back to you with a quote very shortly.

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