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It’s important that your business obtains high quality content marketing, whether that be evergreen content marketing, blog posts or perhaps simply product descriptions.

The vast majority of businesses that rank on the first page of Google, will have a lot of quality (do-follow and no-follow) backlinks leading to the homepage or the other pages.

It is therefore crucial that if the business wants to rank higher on Google or another search engine, like Bing then its going to need quality backlinks, to obtain these your business needs to publish quality content marketing, we also recommend adding quality blog posts on a regular basis.


Average money saved

Are backlinks still important?

Yes, we believe they are, however, we would never recommend purchasing backlinks. That’s because when it comes to SEO (search engine optimisation), there’s most certainly these days no shortcuts at all. That’s because purchasing backlinks, is a sure-fire way of incurring a Google algorithmic or manual penalty.

Therefore, building backlinks the right way, is very slow, but backlinks are still widely considered as  a number one ranking factor, so it definitely worth hiring the right seo company, to build them the right way.

Therefore, you should only hire a marketing agency that has a lot of experience building quality backlinks, like us.

  • We would recommend that when hiring an seo agency, that you need to make sure all of the work that is completed, is “white hat” and that its top quality. We think that one of the best ways to obtain new backlinks (do-follow and no-follow) is to publish quality evergreen content marketing.

  • Remember you want a mixture of “do follow” and “no follow” backlinks, and we here at our digital marketing agency can help you to obtain these backlinks.

  • Quality is the most important thing when it comes to building backlinks, and improving your businesses SEO. All of the work needs to be top quality, and that means all of the seo needs to be white hat.


Top quality SEO

Therefore, when many businesses in Wales require top quality search engine optimisation, they often contact our business because, we can quite simply deliver top-quality search engine optimisation at very reasonable prices.

We work with a lot of Welsh businesses, but we also work with businesses based right across the United Kingdom.

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