Picking a digital marketing agency is not simple, there’s thousands of companies to pick from for sure, yet knowing which one to choose, is definitely not a walk in the park.

The reason for this is, picking the right digital marketing agency is crucial for any business, as for a lot of businesses, the main way they obtain new customers is online. Whether that be through social media, for example using Facebook, or through organic search engine optimisation, we could be through PPC.

So quite literally  for some businesses, it’s vital to pick the right digital marketing agency has it could be difference between the business flourishing, or going bankrupt.


Make sure you pick the right marketing agency

Therefore picking the right marketing company is no easy task, and it’s something that should be deliberated over for some time, preferably with a nice cup of tea.

However, our best piece of advice would be this, don’t overly focus on the price that the marketing agency is offering you. What we mean by this is, don’t be fooled by overly cheap prices. Instead focus on whether or not the marketing agency is going to view quality work.

If you’re planning on investing in organic search engine optimisation you should make sure of the following

  • That the agency uses white hat methods
  • That they are highly experienced
  • That the SEO reporting is clear, so that you can see if things are improving not



Why not ask to see if you can have a chat with their current clients?  


A successful digital marketing agency should have a long list of clients that they are currently working with in order to improve their search engine optimisation (SEO). Therefore, it is most definitely worth asking, whether you can speak to some of their current clients? For example, if you run a construction business, why not ask if they work with any other construction companies, or related companies, for example health and safety company.


Why not ask if you could email those companies, to ask for references?

After a quick chat with some of their current clients, you should be able to gauge how happy their clients are with the marketing company.


Ask for multiple references

If you ask for multiple references, then you may be able to get a good idea of what the marketing agencies like to work with.


Have a look at the business reviews

Check out the business reviews on Google My Business, for example have they got any negative reviews? What are the business reviews like on on social media, such as on Facebook for example?


Also type in the company’s name into Google, plus the word “reviews” and see what comes up.

Have they got any negative business reviews if so, how did the company handle those negative reviews? For example, did they reply back to the customer, to offer a solution to the complaint?


Try to get an idea of how much the seo services cost early on, to avoid being shocked by the price

there are some agencies, which don’t which don’t work below let’s say £3000 per month, which might be totally outside of your marketing budget. Therefore find out early on, how much the search engine optimisation services are going to cost, and whether you can afford them on an ongoing basis stop

it’s worth noting that with SEO, it takes sometimes a very long time to see results, let’s a minimum of six months, so you do have to ask, have you got the marketing budget, to keep forking out on SEO every month, especially during the initial stage, where you might not be generating any sales at all.

So what we mean by this is, at the initial stage, when we are just starting to improve a company’s SEO, it can sometimes take six months to improve a businesses local SEO, and the National SEO it could take is that the 12 months the starting any real  results in terms of an uplift in sales, so you really do have to work out whether you have the marketing budget, to keep paying well there are no sales.


Where does the marketing agency rank on Google?

 A digital marketing agency, that is good at what it does, should rank on the first page of Google (organic serps) in the city where the business is based. Whether than be Cardiff, Swansea or Newport for example, it should be able to rank on the first page of Google for keywords, such as “seo agency” which relate to the marketing business.   

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