It has to be said that blogging, when it’s done right, is a highly effective tool, to help many companies to gain many more sales. It’s also proven, and that’s because large plc companies, right through to through to sole traders, they will have all written blog posts for their company websites, you can see that a lot have added a lot of quality blogs to their websites.

For example, some businesses might have written well over a hundred quality blog posts, over a very long period.  Therefore blogging does take up a huge amount of time and effort, but when done right we think they can be highly effective way for a business to obtain more customers.


So why do businesses need blog posts?

 It’s simple, it doesn’t matter if your business sells tractors or whether your business sells high-value sports cars, your business is likely to obtain similar questions from your customers on a regular basis.

And often these questions will require a detailed answer, so a frequently asked question pages often is sufficient to answer all of these questions.


Your content marketing needs to be well written

For example let’s say that your business sells luxurious handmade chocolates, you might want a blog about a new range of chocolates that your business is selling, and that you’ve have sourced cocoa beans from a new location, you may wish to talk about how your business is offering fair trade deal to the farmers of the cocoa beans.

As there will be many people looking to purchase luxurious chocolates, they are likely to be interested in reading these blog post, perhaps to have the chocolate delivered every week.

How blogging helps

What is also important to remember is that blogging helps your customers to find questions to answers they might have, so someone searching “chocolate that’s delivered weekly” may find your blog post and purchase from you.  


Blogging offers so many benefits for your business

Writing blog posts therefore has many different benefits for any business, from raising brand awareness, through to improving your search engine optimisation, through to helping your business to rank higher on Google, and other search engines, because shoppers are spending longer reading your blog posts, on your website.

Therefore one blog post alone might draw in thousands of readers, and because Google sees that the average reader is reading that blog post for over 10 minutes, its obvious to Google that your publishing quality work.

So, publishing quality well written blog posts, that shoppers find useful, this can help to sell more products. So for example, let’s say you write an article about “how do air fryers work” you are likely to talk about the many benefits of owning an air fryer, and this may mean that people start to look at the various air fryers your business sells. So, because you have written a helpful article, which explains the benefits of owning an air fryer, the shopper may well then want to shop, and browse the products you have for sale.


Blogging can help improve how many organic visitors you obtain

We would say that the main reason most businesses blog, is to improve the number of organic visitors that visit the company website obtains.

So, what do we mean by this?

Well, the answer is simple is, when you first get your website designed, it may only have let’s say 10 pages, it’s more than likely not so going to draw in any organic visitors at all.


However when your digital marketing agency starts to spend time to write quality blog posts for your business, answering questions that your customers normally ask about the products and the services that you normally sells, if the content marketing is high quality, you should gain more organic visitors.


For Google to reward your business with ranking higher organically in the serps, the written work you add, such as blog posts, must be high quality


A really common mistake, that a lot of businesses make, is simply to count how many blog posts a direct competitor has already written and already added to their website.

What you might find is that some of your competitors may already written let’s say well over 70 quality blog posts, and then some business owners take the mindset, well to get their own business ranking higher on Google they must write more, so that business just tries to exceed the number of blog post that their competitors have written. However, this marketing strategy just won’t work, and that’s because, its not about quantity it’s about quality.

And writing quality written work, takes a lot of time to write, so, think more about quality than quantity. 

Therefore we think it’s better to write really high quality content marketing, and to really capitalise on your businesses knowledge. So do write a very detailed high-quality blog posts, and content marketing.

Instead talk to the staff within your company, which have real expertise about the products and the services your business sells, and utilise that knowledge to write really well written blog posts.

For example, you might have somebody in your company that has over 25 years’ experience of offering a particular service or knowledge on products which you sell, so why not fully utilise that knowledge? Why not write a blog post that has that includes that staff members expertise within the blog post, and you may wish to write a question-and-answer style blog post?



The written work that’s written with the help of your staff,  that work is likely to be highly unique. The reason for this, is your drawing on the expertise of your staff, your then working with a marketing company to create a totally original, high quality piece of work and this is good for seo.

Google rewards high quality work, if the work is “content thin” and a lot of the written work written by copywriters, who some of which haven’t a clue about the products / services there writing about, well this “content thin” work, will damage your seo. This means Google ranks content thin work very lowly.

However, well written work, which satisfies Google’s EAT, and for this the author of the work, must show you have real knowledge about the products, services your writing about, then its quality, detailed, well written work which the search engines rank higher in the SERP’s, that’s the search engine results pages.




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