In this rather long blog post we will discuss how search engine optimisation can be a brilliant way of helping your business to generate more sales by bringing more shoppers to your website.


Why should businesses invest in SEO?

Today, it’s arguably even more competitive for  businesses to obtain new customers than ever before. So, it doesnt matter if your a plumber, a lawyer or a dentist, businesses just simply face more competition that ever before. We think that businesses today need to have a strong online presence to succeed, and we think one of the best ways of obtaining more sales for a lot of companies, is to invest in top quality search engine optimisation, which often called “SEO” for short. Now, quality seo, thats implemented by a good marketing agency or seo consultant, well, that doesnt come cheap.

Yet, if you find a good marketing company, they can often help bring in a lot more business, so its worth spending a lot of time, finding the right marketing company, one which truly understands your business.

But notice how we use the wording “top quality”, that’s because online there are millions of various marketing companies, that will offer you what seems like spectacular prices to complete SEO work.

But here’s the thing, if the work doesn’t cut the mustard, and is and is therefore not top quality, well it wont drive your businesses search engine optimisation forwards, if the work is not good quality, then it could put your SEO in reverse gear and actually damage your businesses SEO, sometimes, causing long term damage.



So your business needs to purchase quality search engine optimisation, that is you need a marketing company working to improve your seo, that company will need to improve your content marketing, so adding say evergreen content marketing, improving the businesses on-site seo, and also to help improve with the user experience.

Also, if the content marketing you write is really top quality work, then your business may start to get alot of “do-follow”, high quality backlinks, and good quality backlinks, if your business has enough of them, well, this can sky-rocket your business to page one on Google, or the other search engines, such as Bing.


Search engine optimisation (SEO) has emerged as a crucial strategy for enhancing visibility and helping businesses to generate more sales.

However there’s no point in bringing say 1 million organic visitors to your website, yet none of them end up making a purchase, so what you have to do is work with a digital marketing agency, like our company, to create content marketing that brings in shoppers that have “purchase intent”.

So for example, if you create helpful and really well written “buyers guides” on products, such as electric bikes- complete with really good onsite seo, then you are likely to sell more bikes. So for example, you might write an article, such as “Our top ten electric bikes for under £700”–  this is likely to bring in more shoppers, who want to buy an electric bike.

By creating quality content  you can therefore also improve your link building and on-site seo, so you bring in the right customers to the website there are likely to spend money and purchase your products or services.

This is another really important point that we need to make, because there are some seo agencies out there that’ll say the improve your organic visitor numbers, and they might be quite successful in doing that, but again by not bringing the right shoppers to your website then you not going to sell products or services, you do need to write content marketing that will be useful to shoppers that have “purchase intent”.


The effectiveness of SEO in today’s digital landscape


Search engine optimisation or (SEO) for short, is the process of optimising your company website to rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs). The aim is to therefore get a business onto the first page of Google or for example Bing, for as many services or products which the business sells. Its worth knowing that this takes a huge amount of time.

With 93% of online experiences beginning with a search engine such as Google  source: Search Engine Journal, , it is essential for businesses to invest in SEO strategies to stay competitive- and hire a good marketing agency. But again don’t just off the cheapest seo quote that’s you offered, go with a top quality marketing agency.


  Organic Search


Organic search, which refers to non-paid search results is where when a visitor clicks on that business listing on say Google, yet the business doesn’t get charged for that click, because they’ve clicked on an organic listing instead stop of Adwords. With Google Adwords, which alot of businesses call PPC, when a shopper clicks on a Google Adwords listing, normally the business gets charged a fee for every click.



Why SEO Matters


For a large number of businesses who have invested in quality seo, the marketing agency needs to work with the business, to help increase sales, with organic seo, this doesnt happen overnight, its a very slow-burn type of marketing, and as a very rough rule, we would say with local seo, you should not expect any major improvements in sales for at least six months. However, this does vary from business sector to business sector, so for some companies, it may take us longer, and some companies we can get onto the first page of Google in a much shorter timeframe.

For a more accurate estimate of how long we  estimate it would take to get your company onto page one of Google or Bing, why not drop us a line, and we will get back to you as soon as we can, with an estimate of how long we think it might take.



The ever-evolving world of SEO:


Google’s algorithms are continuously updated, and sometimes your business can move up and down multiple positions  during just one week, we would say this is perfectly normal.  Yet, what your marketing company does need to do is, make sure there using the latest and best seo methods, because if they dont, well, they could be using outdated seo methods, which could mean the seo doesnt work, or work case scernario is the business incurs a penalty. In 2020 alone, Google reported over 3,620 improvements to search, so there’s alot of changes to SEO that happen every year. (source: Google, []). Staying up-to-date with the latest SEO trends and best practices is therefore essential for maintaining and improving your website’s search ranking.

It’s like this, if your business stand still, in a it doesn’t invest in quality seo every month, or your marketing agency starts to use outdated methods then your business could drop down Google’s ranks.


Local SEO


Local SEO, this is used by many businesses right throughout Cardiff, that’s from plumbers to solicitors who may employ  over 1000 lawyers, local seo focuses on optimising a website for local search results, so say for a city like Cardiff, Bristol or London and is essential for small businesses looking to target customers in their area.

According to HubSpot, 72% of shoppers who performed a local search visited that store within 5 miles (source: HubSpot, []).





 How long does it take to see results from SEO?

 Results from SEO can vary, depending on factors such how competitive your business sector is, for example if you’re in a highly competitive business sector, let’s say you run a large solicitors practice in a capital city, then the seo will be much harder, meaning much more work needs to be carried out, and therefore to see results will take normally a much longer period of time.

Equally if there’s low competition then an seo agency should be able to get you on the first page in a much shorter timeframe, somethings in under 3 months.


How much does SEO cost?

SEO costs can vary greatly depending on the scope of the project, for example, an e-commerce business, which sells, hundreds of different products, its going to take a lot of work, to get different types of products, on the first page. Our monthly cost is also based on how competitive your business sector is, and also the cost of a marketing agency or consultant often differs based on location, for example monthly costs, are likely to be much higher if you hire company in London.

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