What Does an SEO Agency do?

It used to be the case, that a lot of business owners didn’t simply have the foggiest clue about what SEO (search engine optimisation) was or how it could help a business. However, things have now gone full circle now, and most types of businesses from sole traders, right through to PLC companies now all know how what search engine optimisation is, and how can help their business.

So, an SEO agency’s job is quite simple, it’s to help improve where the business ranks on Google and other major search engines, such as Bing.

It’s also the seo agencies job to help drive more quality organic traffic to the website, and the ultimate aim of it is to help the business to sell more products or services.

There is a right way about going about improving a businesses seo and that’s to implements “white hat work.

Although this sounds simple, seo is actually quite complicated and involves a lot of hours completing keyword research, writing content marketing improving the on-site seo, link building and much more.

We are now going to look at the main ways we help our clients to generate more sales

Here’s the main things that our seo agency helps our clients to generate more sales

Keyword research and content marketing

Whether your business concentrates on selling skiing equipment, you might sell high-value classic cars, one of the first things is an seo agency must do is to carry out “keyword research”.

This is look at search volumes you can use Google Search Console for this, that’s to simply see what keywords, that is what words and phrases people are typing to find your products and services that your business sells.

Now, this might sound pretty obvious, that is if you are selling car care products, for example, such as car waxes for high-value cars, you might think while surely you should just optimise the website for car waxes?

However, after some keyword research using Google Search Console, and a quality SEO tool such as Ahrefs, well, you might find that people are actually typing much more specific terms, such as “car waxes for hyper cars”.

And as your business specialises in high-value car care products, such as luxury car waxes, these are the type terms that you want to rank higher for on the search engines, like Google and Bing.

That’s because, if the seo company was just to optimise the website for say “cheap car wax” well you might be attracting organic traffic for customers that just want to buy really cheap car waxes, and these might not be the type the products that you sell, as your business concentrates on selling luxury products.

So keyword research is all about making sure that you get the right organic traffic (shoppers) to your website, that is the type of customers are likely to be interested in the products and services that your business sells. Now this might sound like common sense, but some seo agencies, get this wrong, attract the wrong type of shopper, a shopper that’s looking for a different type of product, and then the bounce rate goes sky high.

That is when you log into Google Analytics, you see a bounce rate on your blog posts, main pages, and home page that’s really high, well this could be an indication, that your seo company is bringing in organic visitors, which are essentially shoppers, which are the wrong type of shoppers, because they are not interested in what you are selling, so the seo agency may have optimised the website, for the wrong keywords.

This is why keyword research is so important right at the start, before any seo work is completed, so the seo agency know what keywords they should be optimising the business for, and not just guessing. Again, we would recommend Ahrefs for keyword research or Google Search Console.

If your website is just generally optimised for terms such as “car waxes”, then you might attract people that are just willing to spend under £10 on car wax, when really your car waxes lets say have a starting price of £50 plus for example. So, your marketing agency must have a really good understanding of the products and services that your business sells, then must make sure that they optimise your website for those keywords, such as “car waxes for sports cars”.

Content Marketing

We would say that content marketing, is absolutely essential if you want your business to rank on the first page of Google. However, the work must be super high quality if it is to rank well on Google today.

The reason for this is millions of other businesses will have written about the same subject, so how to get your piece of work to standout, how to get your piece of work to rank on the first page of Google?

The simple answer is in need to be super high quality, in a very high-quality blog post, very high quality content marketing, very high quality evergreen content marketing. And you must be one step ahead of the competition, to think about embedding YouTube videos, think about creating some statistics and facts the people will want to know about the products or services, think about constantly split testing the work is if you can make it better reduce the bounce rate.

Link building

Despite what you might have read on some of the blog posts, Google still uses links as a way to rank websites, however the links must be super high quality, must be do follow and it must be built on a in a white hat way.

Also the links must be relevant, so for example let’s say that you run a marketing agency, you can what links from other marketing websites.

Technical SEO

An SEO agency is likely to spend a lot of time improving your businesses your businesses technical seo, for example it might be broken links on the website and this need fixing.

The might be no meta descriptions meta titles and some pages, you might have a website the super slow, you might have a website that doesn’t work on smartphones these are some of the things the your SEO agency will need to look at.

All of these technical issues will need to be fixed, if you want your business to rank higher on Google are

If your business needs help improving its seo then why not call us?

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