Whether you run a large multi-national PLC business, let’s say with over 1000 employees worldwide or you are a small business, with no employees other than yourself, it doesn’t matter how large the business is, we think all businesses should know the benefits of (Search Engine Optimisation).

For some companies we work with, it’s the main way the business markets is products or services.

The reason is, when seo is done is done correctly, it can really help a business to expand. So whether you’re a plumber, who’s self-employed, or you run a legal practice, in the centre of Cardiff that has over 1000 employees SEO, can be used to grow any business when the seo work is top quality and white hat.

When you think of search engine optimisation, you might think that it’s really complex, and in some ways, it can be, such as helping a large business, to reduce its bounce rate across all of the product pages, and using A/b testing to do this, it can sure get complicated.

Yet here at Biosphere, we think that you should get a good understanding of the basics of seo yourself, even if you don’t plan on completing any of the seo work yourself, yet it will still help you to know what work your seo agency is completing for you. Plus, it will also, help you to understand in meetings what backlinks are, what evergreen content marketing is, and why its important to reduce your companies bounce rate.


So here are some of the most important aspects of SEO, these are often described as the “main pillars” of seo.


–        Keywords and content marketing

–        Link building

–        Technical SEO

–        Social media


So, first things first, what are keywords, and what is content marketing?

Keywords, are simply words and descriptions used to describe your business, in terms of the services and the products that you sell.

So, let’s give you an example, let’s say that you sell chainsaws, an example of a short tail keyword would be “chainsaws Cardiff”.

An example of a long tail keyword, might be “replacement chain for a Stihl chainsaw Cardiff.

As you can see the second keyword, that is much longer, so we call these “longtail keywords” as somebody knows exactly what they want, and that is a replacement chain for a Stihl chainsaw.

Therefore, it is the job of the seo company to optimise the website, for both longtail as well as short tail keywords and try and get as much organic visitors onto your company website as possible.


So, what is content marketing?

This is a simple one to answer, as an example of content marketing, is exactly what you’re reading here, it could be a blog post, it could be a YouTube video it could be evergreen content marketing, could simply be a product description.

Ever since the Google Hummingbird updates, and the Google Panda updates, and also the Google BERT update, it’s now more important than ever to make sure that your content marketing, such as your company’s blog posts are well written and white hat.

The content marketing that you write, should also be useful to your customers.

It really therefore doesn’t matter if you are explaining which are the bestselling food blenders of 2023, or how to remove a scratch from your car door, because your business sells quality car waxes, shampoos and cloths, the content marketing should be really well written, and written by an expert.


What are backlinks?

Backlinks can be either internal backlinks or external backlinks. So for example, an example of an internal link is simply a link from one page on your website to another, so it could be from a blog post to a main page on your website.

An external link is simply a link, from another website, lets say the pointing towards a page on your website, if you have a lot of good quality, do-follow and no-follow external backlinks, then these can really help to improve your businesses seo.



Technical seo

Your chosen seo company should work hard, to improve your businesses technical seo.

So whats technical seo? Well, for example, the marketing agency should make sure that there is no broken links, throughout your website, such as having 404 page errors, as these can really increase your businesses bounce rate.

Does your business need help to improve its local or organic seo?

We have highly experienced seo consultants working for us here at Biosphere, and we have been improving many businesses seo now for over 10 years. We are therefore a highly experienced seo agency.

If your business needs help to improve its organic or perhaps your local seo then why not call us?


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