In today’s digital world, with people increasingly buying more and more products and services off their smart phones, tablets and desktop computers, search engine optimization (SEO) has become essential for some businesses.

In matter of fact, the some businesses, they might even generate 100% of their business via organic SEO.

This is why, really good seo consultants, or larger marketing businesses, such as an seo agency are in such strong demand today.


So, what are keywords?

The use of keywords, is one of the key elements of organic SEO, it’s something that needs to be thought about, when creating a marketing strategy. For example which products and services do you want to concentrate on selling more? Then your digital marketing agency should have a list of keywords which they are going to improve your businesses ranking for.

So whether you want to have your business rank higher on Google, or Bing or perhaps both, we can help your business to get onto the first page of these search engines.


Let’s explore the importance of keywords in the context of organic SEO.


Keywords simply match up people that are looking for your products or services, with your businesses blog posts and main pages.

For example if you’re writing in-depth articles about coffee machines that it’s highly likely that this is the exact products that your business sells. By incorporating relevant keywords into your website content marketing, you make it easier for search engines, to understand the purpose of your site, for example what products or services you retail, and display it to shoppers with matching search queries.

So for example, you might as spends let’s say three days writing a really in-depth blog post, reviewing the best ten coffee machines, and it’s a really in-depth blog post.

And because it’s so good, it ranks on the first page of Google, then you can to get lots organic visitors, that want to know more about various coffee machines, then this presents a brilliant opportunity for you to advertise your products, then the shopper might select a coffee machine and actually buy it from your business.

This is a really good example of how content marketing, can help shoppers to learn more about the products or services that you sell, they might even want to purchase that product from your business.



Your website’s ranking in SERPs, so this basically means where your business ranks on search engines such as Google, and this can be heavily influenced by the keywords that you use. For example if your business sells snooker tables, yet on your website there’s hardly any mention anywhere snooker tables, on your website, instead this just pictures of snooker tables, then the search engines are going to struggle to understand that your business sells snooker tables because it’s not written anywhere on your website.

However on the other hand if you completely go over the top mentioning snooker tables, too many times to try and improve your businesses search engine optimisation, then this is going to completely damage your businesses seo, because marketing agencies call this keyword stuffing.

Keyword stuffing is a sure fire way of damaging your businesses SEO.


 Keywords can help to drive organic traffic to your company website

A well-optimized website, that is a website that has good on-site seo, implemented by a highly experienced seo agency such as ours, can significantly increase the amount of organic traffic your business receives.


Here are just some of the ways that we would improve your on-site seo:

·        Add content marketing

·        Add meta titles

·        Add meta descriptions

·        Add internal links

·        Make sure that your website works on smartphones

·        We would do split testing to reduce the bounce rate

Shoppers are far more likely to click on a business which appears on the first page, rather than a business which is on say page 10.

For example, let’s say that your business sells rugby balls, if you are looking to buy a rugby ball your obviously likely to purchase a rugby ball from a business that is on the first page of Google, and your also likely to click on the top results on the first page, and that’s when seo companies like ours can help you to get your business their. By optimising your content marketing with relevant keywords, you can boost your site’s chances of appearing at the top of the organic SERPs.

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